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Auralia 5 Student

发行商: Rising Software
价格: 99.99 USD


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Auralia 5 is a complete ear training program, containing thousands of questions across 51 topics. Comprehensive lessons provide essential instruction in ear training and music theory fundamentals, and courses will automatically lead you through all aspects of the program, integrating lessons with drills and tests. Questions are automatically marked, allowing you to work effectively on your own.

Answers can be tapped, selected via multiple choice, sung or played in, or entered using the onscreen keyboard, guitar and solfege controllers.

These stunning features provide incredible, contextual learning, and powerful feedback to help you maximize your music theory & aural development.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a complete beginner.... whether you're interested in pop, rock, jazz or classical music, Auralia 5 can provide you with the tools to take your ear training and music theory skills to the next level.

• Ear training with real recordings
• Hundreds of high quality questions
• 51 topics covering everything from intervals, to chord progressions and dictation
• Over 40 integrated tests & worksheets
• Media library with 100's of audio & notation excerpts
• Tap, select, sing or play your answers
• Comprehensive feedback & results tracking
• Integrated notation editor
• Ideal for exam preparation
• Customise topics, levels and content
• Courses guide you through drills & lessons

Learn to:
• Identify chords in your favorite songs
• Play more in tune
• Transcribe solos & improve your improvising
• Play by ear
• Improve your solo & ensemble performances
• Sight sing with ease

Suitable For:
• Students
• Middle & High Schools
• Colleges & Universities
• Teaching Studios

Student Accounts:
• Three (3) accounts - perfect for home use

Auralia is fully supported in both English and German.


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