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AutoCrypt, is an encryption/decryption app with a document based approach that can batch process a large quantity of files.
It lets you save in documents all the settings used to encrypt files, including which file to operate on, and reuse it at later time.
It can encrypt decrypt in 1 click


• In a click can encrypt hundred of files to a destination place.
• Sources file are kept unadulterated and encrypted one are saved in another folder
• Uses a powerful AES-256 CommonCrypt algorithm making all the encrypted files unreadable without the password.
• Obtained encrypted files can be transmitted or stored in unsafe places without security problems
• All settings used to encrypt the original files, are saved inside an AutoCrypt document.
• One click methods to encrypt frequently updated files.
• Password can be saved or not with the settings document depending of the purpose (remote security / local security)
• Encryption can be done at opening time for any setting documents for frequent encryption on a file set
• A setting documents can store an infinite list of files to encrypt
• Also the opposite process of decrypting can be totally automatic


• Can work as a desktop tool or as a batch utility
• Save inside documents all the setting used to encrypt and decrypt group of files
• Encrypt via AES-256 and save in a custom place with one click or even unattended
• Can encrypt and decrypt using the same document
• Encrypt and decrypt on document launch
• Accept input via drag and drops for an immediate and easy input
• Its fast and effective using multithreading technology
• Uses latest technology with asynchronous tasks to perform fast and fluid encryption and decryption
• Can use also Blowfish decryption for previous old archive compatibility
• Provides an embedded PDF manual
• Optimized for macOS 10.14 Mojave
• Optimized to work well in appearance Light and Dark mode under macOS 10.14 Mojave


• Tabs for managing many documents in a single window
• Merge all documents in a window
• Full screen
• Autosave
• Resume
• Open default document at startup
• Versions
• Automatic resume
• Tags in finder
• Asynchronous tasks

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