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AutoTyper is great for people who type in the same text, over and over again. Assign text to keyboard shortcuts. Next time you need that text, hit the keyboard shortcut and it will be inserted automatically.

Use cases:
• Anything you have to enter into web forms repeatedly
• If you are a developer, code, color codes, common commands
• Email signatures and common text blocks
• Your email address, your phone number, your address

• Create up to 36 keyboard shortcuts linked to custom text
• Assign multiple lines and multiple paragraphs of text
• Choose whether to just copy or copy and paste the text when you hit the keyboard shortcut
• Access your shortcuts via the menu bar

AutoTyper can paste the text automatically after you hit the shortcut. Simply enable AutoPaste in Settings to turn on this feature. If AutoPaste is turned off, the text will be copied to your clipboard when you hit the shortcut, but will not be pasted automatically.

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