AV for Premiere Pro CS6 101 - Importing and Managing Footage

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Learn all about importing and organizing your footage in Adobe Premiere Pro. Join MIchael Wohl as he explores all of the features in this 26 tutorial course...
No one knows video editing software and has the industry perspective like our star trainer Michael Wohl. That's because Michael is one of the creators of Final Cut Pro! So getting his take on Adobe's Premiere Pro software is not only valuable, but also incredibly insightful.

In this course, Michael leads you through the footage ingesting process. You'll learn all about the the different kinds of file formats and how to mix and match them. You'll see how to import everything from camera files to tape and how to organize them in the Browser.

From there he explains the Project Panel where you'll explore Views, Poster Frames, Bins and Labels. The final section of this course is all about clip management. Here you'll see all of Premiere's integrated, intelligent features like Facial Recognition to identify, interpret and organize your clips.

Table of contents:

1. Introduction
2. Understanding File Formats
3. Matching Clip and Sequence Settings
4. Mixing Different Footage Types
5. Importing from File Based Cameras
6. Importing Using the Media Browser
7. Importing Existing Files
8. Importing from DVD
9. Capture from Tape
10. Logging and Batch capturing
11. Additional Capture Options
12. Importing Still Images
13. Importing Layered Photoshop Files
14. Project Panel Views
15. Setting Poster Frames
16. Working with Bins
17. Customizing List View
18. Using Labels
19. Sorting Columns
20. Filtering Bin Views
21. Finding Clips in a Project
22. Face Detection
23. The Metadata Panel
24. Offline Files

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