AV for Reaper 104 - Mixing and Automation

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The track is finished. It’s time to mix. Learn all the ins-and-outs of automation and mixing in Reaper!...
To be a great mixer you must know signal flow. That’s why this course emphasizes signal routing and is designed to help you get the most power out of Reaper's extremely customizable Mixer. Learning about mix groups and aux tracks is essential knowledge for any mixer. You learn how to create mix groups and aux tracks and how to assign FX to them. With these useful, real-world routing tips, you quickly become more efficient and creative as you craft the perfect mix in Reaper.

This course also explores automation. Learning these tools dramatically improves and enhances the sound of your mix by allowing you to subtly vary the sonic landscape for different sections of your song. Automation also lets you tweak all the plug-in parameters over and over again to ensure that you get just the right result! Gary also explains the various types of automation and helps you understand the differences between touch and latch modes. You also learn when to use them as you watch, in real time, as the automation is written to the track.

So set up your mix and get ready to dive deep into Reaper and put that last bit of all important polish on your next mix!

Also, be sure check out all of our Reaper courses, which help you learn and use every aspect of this great audio software application.

Table of contents:

1. Setting Up Your Project
2. Creating Markers
3. Changing the Arrangement with Regions
4. The Mixer Window
5. Screensets
6. More About Screensets
7. Creating Groups
8. Setting Up Sends
9. Setting Up Busses
10. Reversing Takes
11. Freezing Tracks
12. Using Sidechaining
13. A Brief Overview of Automation
14. Automating Track Parameters
15. Volume Item Envelopes
16. Plugins Automation
17. Adjusting Envelope Points
18. Mouse Modifiers
19. Opening Multiple Projects
20. Conclusion

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