AV Recorder & Capturer Lite

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AV Recorder & Screen Capture Lite - The best quality and easy-to-use screen capture and video recording tool. Have the ability to record voice from mic & system audio at the same time. The app is perfect for creating tutorials, lectures, game playing recording on your Mac. Also you can instantly share the recording video to Youtube.

Features & Functionality:

● Capture everything and anything on your screen.
● Max resolution 2880-by-1800 for recording video.
● Perfect FPS for your playing game and HD video recording.
● Record your desktop in full-screen, in portions, fix window.
● Record system audio and microphone at the same time for your recording video (mov, mp4, m4v) /audio.
● Record your camera from different HD Camera Device with microphone & system audio.
● Support customized optimum image/text logo on recording video.
● Auto stop recording in fix time.
● Trim the recoding video.
● Share the recording video to your friends online.
● Record video at any size with time limitation in 60 seconds.
● Every 3 hours will have a recording chance with no time limitation (keep you are connected to the internet).

Contact us: (If you have any question or suggestion, please mail to us)
● E-mail: kaixin58102@gmail.com

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