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发行商: Hahn Software LLC
价格: 13.99 USD



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Have the Tides on your desktop!

A long time ago we built Mr. Tides, as the Mac had no good tide program available. Over time that became AyeTides for the iPhone, and AyeTides XL for the iPad. Now, in an upgrade to modern practices, we present AyeTides for your desktop!

AyeTides displays tides and currents for over 12,900 locations worldwide. Unlike many other tide apps or tide websites, viewing the tides on our app does not require a network connection. Sailors, harbor pilots, beachcombers, nature photographers, and others use AyeTides Mac to plan outings on or around the world's oceans.

There are several ways to view the tides - graphically for the day, or on a calendar, or as a list that can span the entire year. AyeTides provides the hours of daylight as well as times when the moon is visible. Our app supports printing, and you can use Dark Mode on MacOS Mojave and Catalina.

AyeTides is updated regularly. Stations are added whenever new data is available.

Some comments from our users:
"Love the program; always appreciated the tech support" - James

"Brilliant! Just what I am looking for, purchase made." - Steve

"a great program i have used for a very long time" - Paul

"I bought the IOS versions several years ago and they have been brilliant for planning our annual Sea Scout sailing plans, so thank you very much!" - Griffin

"For me, as dare I say, a 'professional', your program is first class" - Russell

"You have a great app!" - Mac

We pride ourselves on timely and helpful Customer Service. Please contact us if you have any questions or if issues arise with the program.


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