Batch Photo Watermark

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Batch Photo Watermark is an application that could put watermark on hundreds of images at a time.Watermarking an image helps to show the work and get the credibility of the images that have been taken by a person.Not only this, it also prevents unauthorized copying or distribution of the Photos.

The application comes with various features as below :

- If the size of Image is small or large, these could be resized inside the application itself.
- The transparency of the Image could be increased or decreased.This will help in lesser obstruction to the content of the image.
- The photo could either have only an image watermark or text watermark or both at a same time.
- The watermarks could be setup at various positions. These include, top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, top middle ,bottom middle and centre location. The Image and text could be setup at different location as well. For example : Image could be setup at top left while the text could be setup at top right.
- The application comes with upto 1000 fonts to setup the text in various formats.
- The size, colour and Transparency of fonts could be adjusted as well.
- A background colour of choice could be added to the text. The transparency of background colour could be adjusted also.
- The application comes with inbuilt previewer.

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