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Better Battery 2 shows information and stats of your MacBook battery in the menu bar. So you are always aware of the current battery stats, battery time and health.

Standard Edition:
The Standard Edition is free and provides current stats and infos about the battery such as current charge level, battery/charge time, capacity, charge cycles, health, age, temperature and electrical values.

Pro Edition:
The Pro Edition enables the history functionality.
Available as an InApp purchase, it adds a range of informations, features and charts, as well as the total battery- and usage time of your MacBook.
Better Battery 2 records data such as capacity, charge cycles, the charge/discharge curve for the last 36 hours as well as the time your MacBook is charging, fully charged and/or used on battery power.
The app also records the time that your MacBook is in the optimal range for lithium-ion batteries (40 - 80%).
It also tells you how much time you've been using the computer and gives recommendations for a daily minimal battery time.
You can view all recorded data in easy-to-read graphs and reports.

- Battery stats and infos
- Daily battery time recommendation
- Charge level overview
- Charge curve of the last 12/24/36 hours
- Capacity Chart
- Charge Cycle Chart
- Battery and usage time Chart
- and so on

The Pro-Edition can be tested free of charge for 30 days.

All battery and usage data is stored exclusively on your MacBook!

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