Biohazard Titles for Final Cut Pro

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What it is ? – This is a custom titles with 3D graphics in Full HD for FInal Cut Pro X

How it works ? – click the launch button. Motion 5 will start itself. When Motion is open click save as. Write a template name - BioHazard and choose category RGB HOUSE or make it. Click Publish and you are done. If you don’t have Motion 5 look at support site - how to install in FCP.

In Final Cut Pro you will find in Titles RGB HOUSE group, where will be BioHazard. Drag this Titles directly above clip or gap in timeline. When it’s there You can easily adjust fonts, face color, font glow or offset from center. Biohazrd has an alpha channel, that means You can change bckground of BioHazrad by putting it above desired background - video clip or photo or other graphic, genrator etc.

System requirements ? - Lion and Final Cut Pro X or Motion 5, rendering really take time, depends on your machine, it’s Full HD ProRes Background.

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