Black Omega

发行商: Stuart MacLean
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In the beginning before the Big Bang Hypernova hypothesis ( there was Black Omega the best audio player in the Universe.

In the beginning before the Big Bang Hypernova hypothesis there was Black Omega. Created as a meditation dedicated to perfect audio reproduction Black Omega is an open-source high fidelity audio player whose living heritage gave birth to a single idea. That idea of mine is the Big Bang Hypernova hypothesis whose reach now lays claim to explaining the anomalies and features of the Microwave Background Sky.

With over 20 years development history Black Omega provides:

* Playback of up to 384kHz and 32-bit depth.
* An internal 64-bits per sample engine.
* Custom mp3, aac, alac, ogg, flac and wave codecs tuned to 64-bit perfection.
* Support for up to 7.1 Surround Sound and enhanced Stereo playback.
* Playback via HAL (Hardware Audio Layer) on MacOS
* Exclusive Integer playback mode.
* Intuitive and complete interface.
* Seamless track transition

Starting life in 1997 as a MPEG Audio Layer-3, mp3, decoder Black Omega was a personal project and labour of love that has evolved and grown over time into becoming the audiophile player it is today.

To study and understand a lossy audio compression algorithm is to learn and know quantum theory. Capture and open up a window on a moment seeing the flow of all information in a system as the gardener, that is the psychoacoustic model mirroring our sense of sound, prunes the garden. Each cut a thing we cannot hear in that one moment all the while preserving the melody of song that we do perceive. Retained as a set of fixed quantised packages whose total is the song derived from our understanding and mastery of the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle.

Lossless codecs, on the other hand, preserves the entire track making it a perfect copy of the original digital master recording. Back in 1997, using old dial-up modems, the ability to download a music track only became practical with advent of mp3 technology. As broadband became the norm so did services offering high quality lossless audio tracks came to the market. Meeting this need Black Omega became an audio player that specialised in the bit perfect rendering of these tracks.

However, about three years ago now, I started exploring a rather unusual idea about the nature of the Big Bang theory. What had initially started out as a line of curious enquiry turned into a full blown obsession as I realised that I could find no word or mention about any other person having such an idea.

As a platform, in order to communicate my idea, I have developed my new Alpha White website. Named for being the mirror image to Black Omega it represents the total accumulation of my knowledge upon the course to formulating The Big Bang Hypernova Hypothesis.

But alas I have very little time these days having had a complete change in priorities. So I decided to open-source my code base under the BSD licence. Please feel free to make use of this code as you wish. In another way, it is my personal library collection of C++ algorithms, classes and routines that I’ve developed over many years in developing my skills as a professional software engineer.

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