发行商: Yoann Besnard
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The specialized app for small businesses, which combines a huge range of organizational functions and powerful features in one single app.

Feature Highlights:

• Have a full overview of contacts - see all contact details as well as the projects in which they are involved, appointments scheduled, tasks to do for them, etc.

• See every email sent and received for every contact. Link Apple Mail emails with Contacts, Companies, Tasks, Events, Projects, Notes and Documents

• Organize your daily actions with tasks and subtasks - add tasks in seconds, sort them and stay focused, see them by projects, track their progress and automatically archive old tasks.

• Stay up to date - plan appointments, meetings, or calls and prepare for them by linking contacts, projects, tasks and notes.

• Manage projects and track their progress - track progress and see related contacts, linked tasks and notes.

• Create notes to keep bits of information - create notes and link them to other items or keep them separately.
• Import and manage documents - add files and folders to Blueprint easily with drag n' drop. Preview anything, Index documents and search inside text documents, PDF files and web pages.

• Interconnect all items - link items together to get a full overview of any given contact or project.

• Sophisticated data management workflow - groups, tags, smart groups, types, categories, flags, archives, everything you’ll need to prioritize and organize.

• Sync your contacts, tasks and events with Apple native apps.

• Backup everything for peace of mind.


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