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Excellent brochure can use Photoshop

Now we have 40+ templates

To note the following when using the brochure
Looks beautiful
To look beautiful and elegant, it was very best atmosphere, people feel good on the feel. While costs will be higher, but the effect is very significant.
Show of strength

Brochure was originally used to promote the business, can appropriate to look flatter enterprise, of course, not too far. Enterprises can be executed, or Yan study released product briefly explain. Of course, more important it is to reflect how powerful enterprise promising.
In-page streamlining

Inside not to be too much, too many people will see the number of pages tired, just keep in 3-6 pages the best.
Add information

If an enterprise has some websites or something bigger media publicity, then what enterprises should be doing a large site network transmission media write up, so if anyone interested can also go directly to the website or see the TV media when companies have little memory deep. This achieves the purpose of propaganda.

thank you


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