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Bubble Translate 3

发行商: Alex Artem'ev
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We made the translator the way you wanted it to be.
We took all the best from Bubble Translate, improved the design and added the features that you were waiting for.

Frame Translate. Not a single MacOS translator can cope with the translation of text in the iBooks application, but not Bubble Translate 3.
Read books in the original language, translate the text where it cannot be selected, or simply copy the text from the image.

## Top 10 reasons why it’s so easy to fall in love with Bubble Translate 3:

• Magic button quick language change. Translate from English to Russian, and vice versa. Change the selected languages ​​in places without losing the translated text in the window.

• Memorizing languages. Frequently translate from English, French or Chinese? Now you do not have to look for the desired language in the list of 90+ options. The application will memorize the 5 most frequently used languages, and offer them for quick access.

• Voice pronunciation. Use a speech synthesizer to speak an unfamiliar word, sentence, or whole text.

• Various translation options. The application will show you different variants of the translation of the word.

• Integration with PopClip. Long awaited. Now the use of the translator will be even more convenient.

• Memorization of the words “Memories”. Long dreamed of learning the language? Together with Bubble Translate it is simple and interesting. Each time you translate an unfamiliar word, the application remembers it and displays it in the “Memories“ pop-up window.

• Simple functionality. Intuitive control, understandable to everyone.

• Simple and clear settings. In a short video format, we show how to use a translator. Also, our instructions will help you easily create your own combination of hot keys.

• Customize the font. Use the settings to change the font size.

• Support. Your technical support service on the site to always in time to respond to failures.

## Translate easily with Bubble Translate 3
Getting a transfer has become as simple as possible. Just imagine, you no longer need to be distracted and make manipulations: copy the text, switch the tab, go to a new window and translate there. Simply highlight a word or an entire text, press a combination of “hot keys” and immediately receive a translation in a stylish window that automatically scales depending on the length of the text. Instantly. Indispensable for those who study a foreign language.

## Chat with Bubble Translate 3
Get to know people from different continents. After all, the application supports 94 languages. Communicating with Bubble will be easy. Just open the Bubble Translate in the Status Bar. Start typing an offer and get an instant translation. As you continue typing, the translation will be automatically updated.

## Learn with Bubble Translate 3
The “memories” feature will help in the game form to memorize words. Without cramming and monotonous repetitions. Just translate an unfamiliar word every time. The application will remember them, and in random order will display in a pop-up window with options for answers. This will allow you to easily and naturally learn foreign languages. In this case, you can do other things, the words themselves will appear on the monitor of your device. The appearance interval is determined by you using simple settings.

## Be stylish with Bubble Translate 3
Conciseness and minimalism - the basis of design. Simple and beautiful. It fits perfectly and continues to design your Mac operating system.

Any questions? Ask them at You can also send us your ideas, the introduction of which in your opinion will make the application even better. We are always open to dialogue with our users.

Made with love: from Russia for people all over the world.

The application requires an internet connection.


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