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*** - All the templates in the app and even more! ***

TH Templates for MS Office is a collection of templates for business and personal use for MS Word and MS Powerpoint applications. The application contains 400 templates for MS Word, 100 themes for MS Powerpoint and 20 sheets for MS Excek. The templates contain multiple layouts and currently there are more than 4000 layouts!

Templates designed for MS Word are sorted into 11 categories to simplify your everyday tasks. You will find:

- Stylish "Brochures"
- Fancy "Business Cards"
- Flashy "Cards & Invitations"
- Beautiful "Envelopes"
- Special "Flyers"
- Casual Invoices and elegant Certificates in "Forms"
- Outstanding "Letters"
- Decorative "Newsletters"
- Everyday "Reports"
- Superior "Resumes"

Templates designed for MS Word gives you a selection of designs ranging from modern to retro, vintage. Also, specific documents like Newsletters, Reports or Brochures have different layouts to meet your most exclusive needs or just to give you you that creativity boost you were looking for. All templates are available in the popular A4 and US Letter sizes, except for items like envelopes and business cards that come in the specific size.

Each theme designed for MS Powerpoint includes at least 30 master slides. All stock images in slides can be effortlessly replaced. Pictures feature media placeholders, which allow you to drag your photos or pictures to replace the stock ones. You can always find the perfect size you are looking for. All Powerpoint Themes are available in most popular sizes: Standard & Wide.

Double click the template or select a template and click "Launch Template" button to open the template in MS Word or MS PowerPoint or MS Excel applications.
Change the placeholder text with your content and you have the perfect document you were looking for!

*Requires Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 or later.

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