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CalendarPro for Outlook

发行商: Sudip Bag
价格: 2.99 USD


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CalendarPro for Outlook is a simple Calendar App for Mac where users will be able to access Outlook Calendar faster without the help of a web browser. This is one of the fastest way to access Outlook Calendar on Mac. By using this app, users will be able to add events quickly and sync them right away.

Top Features:
◎ Easy to add events and share with friends.
◎ Open multiple windows with cmd-N and browse more calendars.
◎ Open app from status menu bar.
◎ Define a hotkey to open app faster from keyboard.
◎ Chat over Skype by using the app.
◎ Use custom App buttons to make the App operations easier.
◎ Open App at login.
◎ Print Calendars.

Benefits of accessing Outlook calendar as app:
◎ Loads contents much faster than the website.
◎ Ability to access Outlook Calendar without web browser.
◎ Visually pleasing and clean interface.
◎ Regular free updates.

CalendarPro for Outlook is one of those few apps in the Mac App Store that have successfully optimized Outlook Calendar into a Mac Application. It is a must have app for every Mac user who wants to get quick access to Outlook Calendar without having to do anything with Web Browsers. So, download it today and never forget an event to attend.

Note: CalendarPro for Outlook is an online application. To open the app, please make sure you have a working internet connection. It needs an internet connection to load events and other app contents.

Disclaimer: CalendarPro for Outlook is a third party application for Outlook calendar and is not affiliated to Microsoft Inc. Outlook and the Outlook Logo, artworks are the trademarks of Microsoft Inc.


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