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With CalliPro you can create Arabic calligraphy artwork which matches that of top calligraphers. Here are some of the features available:

-NEW! Add Text, Shapes, or both to a Favorites list.
- NEW! Edit the text, Tashkeel, shapes, and glyphs as a path.
- NEW! Insert any Aya from Quran with search capability.
- NEW! Bring Forward, Bring To Front, Send Backward, and Send To Back.
- NEW! A variety of vector shapes.
- NEW! Change the color and the width of the text outline.
- Select from 21 embedded Diwan fonts including Diwan Naskh Mishafi, Diwan Thuluth, Diwan Farsi, Waseem (Ruqa’a like font), Kufi, and more.
- Select from installed system fonts.
- Select from a number of shaping options for each word segment including alternative shapes, wide forms and removes dots.
- Freely position word segments to create complex compositions.
- Add a range of decorative shapes that can be positioned freely to decorate the overall design.
- Change the font size.
- Use multi-level undo and redo.
- Select from a wide range of colors for text and background.
- Make the background transparent.
- Save the design as a high resolution image that can be used with other applications.
- Save the design as high-resolution PDF.
- Save the design as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).
- Create designs with different sizes.
- Choose from one of the pre-made templates.
- Save designs and open them at any time.
- Work on multiple designs at the same time.
- Customize the toolbar.
- Zoom in or Zoom out.
- Add a background image.
- Use a grid for easier positioning.
- Rotate the text.
- Flip the text horizontally and vertically.
- Insert multi-line text.
- Select font size, alignment, and line spacing before inserting the text.
- Lock or Unlock the design.
- Group words or letters.


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