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发行商: ErkiTonlist sf
价格: 免费



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CalmusComposer is an innovative tool for musical composition - even in real time. It composes music from the input created by the user, or generates music by itself by using the internal library. It is a complex composing system with simple interface. A new option for composers or anyone wanting to become a composer.

CALMUS includes a wide range of compositional methods for music that can be exported as traditional notation (MidiFile) and connected to external MIDI devices. The program is constructed to compose various types of music, providing functions and options to handle them using Artificial Intelligence functions.

The new Jukebox composes, arranges, orchestrates, and manipulates the material with its built-in musical ideas and compositional methods, thus generating thousands of musical ideas and royalty-free new music*.

CalmusComposer uses musical input material from the users themselves to create extended musical works. Composers can import their musical ideas into the system via MIDI files or play their material directly into the program through MIDI. CalmusComposer analyses the input and adjusts parameters and functions inside the core sytem according the the input material from the user.

The CalmusComposer library contains various types of musical ideas that can be used to create new works. Composers can use and modify the library along with their own musical ideas to develop their own artistic inclination and create their personal musical library.

CalmusComposer has been used to compose award winning music for symphony orchestras, traditional instruments, electronic media, films, stage productions, games and for various entertainment projects.

Arrange and orchestrate your music 90% faster
Expand your musical ideas
Suggests new ideas and solutions
Direct export to traditional notation for printing (Midi Files)
Direct connection to almost all musical softwares (MIDI)
Access to musical knowledge and various composing methods
Connect to both traditional, and new, composition technology (see Tutorial)

1. For composers: shorter composing time – allowing for more experimentation with musical materials according to different styles and diversity
2. For students: shorter study time allows for more study material to be covered
3. For teachers: an innovative and exciting approach in teaching musical composition using the cutting-edge technology

For real time graphical visualisation of the music from CalmusComposer a specially designed free app - CalmusNotation - is now available in AppStore.

* No copyright claims from CalmusComposer or Erki-tonlist sf for music composed with CalmusComposer


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