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Candy Match 3: Sweet Lands

发行商: Pavel Pustovalov
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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New tasty and addictive match 3 puzzle Candy Match 3: Sweet Lands! Crush candies, collect bonuses and complete levels! Have fun!

Welcome to world of sweet candies and dragees! With what taste? Lemonade, barberry? .. And yet, here you will find everything that your heart desires!
If you are a lover of entertaining and fascinating puzzles, adventures, special atmosphere and just beautiful game graphics - this is for you! New game in the genre of match 3 Candy Match 3: Sweet Lands!

This game is the real lands of sweets! What can we offer? Oh, Candy, lollipops, dragee, honey, chocolate (and even hot chocolate for true connoisseurs!), cake pops, muffins, marshmallows are just in abundance!
But the most important thing is adventures! We have thought out and invented for you a large number of levels of varying difficulty, a lot of cool chips and interesting goals. Each new level is a new little story that we create together. You definitely won't be bored! Join us, call your friends, because in this game you can see the success of your friends, compete with them in the number of points and levels completed, and maintain the atmosphere of competitions :) The whole world plays!

We tried to make the game interesting for both children and adults. Our game for people of all ages, interests and professions!

- Intricate match three in a row - candy, lollipops, cake pops, marshmallows and more sweets;
- World of candies, crush and blast puzzles - challenge yourself!
- Immerse yourself in a fabulous atmosphere - sweet and stately buildings;
- Use powerful boosters - cake pops and lollipops, blast puzzles easily;
- Over a thousand breathtaking puzzle quests - drive away your boredom!
- New updates and challenges every month - join us;
- Facebook login and new HD graphics;
- Play offline, online - no Wifi or Internet required;
- Candy Match 3: Sweet Lands - a game with an amazing story for adults and young adults

BE the adventurer! Play now! Lots of challenges await!

How to play:
- It's simple! At the very beginning of each level the goal will be shown.
- Move the sweets to build one of the necessary combinations and crush the candies.
- Use helpers - bonuses and boosters.
- Earn as many points.
- Try to reach the goal before the moves end.
- Pass level by level and have fun!

We constantly update our products to make your experience better. Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think!


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