Cappasity Easy 3D Scan

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Cappasity Easy 3D Scan™ is a professional 3D/360 digitizing software. Upgrade from flat images to 3D visualization of products in your online store and take your customers to the next level of a through-the-screen interaction!

* One-click capturing: A fully automated and easy-to-use solution
* 3D/360 digitize and embed 3D Views into websites or online stores
* Import 3D Views from video files
* Import 360 photos
* Free account on Cappasity platform
* Video export for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
* Complete 3D Image editing workflow
* Batch editing, converting and uploading
* Import existing 3D models from .OBJ files

Easy 3D Scan™ is integrated with Cappasity platform allowing users export of 3D Views directly into online stores, websites, social networks, and apps.

To create a 3D View you need to record a video with 360-degree rotation using your photo camera and open it from the software. Or you can import 360 photos from JPG files.

Unlike typical photos, 3D Views can be viewed from any angle, including in zoom mode. Potential customers get a better picture of items they cannot touch, and as a result, the online store increases sales and reduces the number of purchase returns.

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