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Casino Poker Manager

发行商: Flashlight Design Electronic Systems GmbH
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Casino Poker Manager is the ultimate poker tournament and cash game management software package. You will not find a more professional, feature rich, easy to use tool for running your tournaments. With the Casino Poker Manager, you can focus on playing in your tournaments instead of running them - Casino Poker Manager runs them for you.

What ever you are looking for, Poker Manager faces your needs.

Casino Poker Manager can be found just about everywhere tournaments are held, from home games to charity events to card rooms and casinos. Give your tournament the professional edge by using Casino Poker Manager to run it.
Display as many tournament clocks, rankings, tables and information as you have connections to your system.

The Home Version of Casino Poker Manager is for low costs. Use it at home to run your private games and tournaments.

Some features of Casino Poker Manager Home Edition:
- Manages dated Tournaments, Ring Games (Cash Game) and Sit&Go's
- Calculates prizes and pool
- Handles guaranteed pot, house contributions, frequent player points, bounties
- Highly customizable views
- Add images and/or background images
- Manual rankings adjustments
- Configurable sound alerts: seating, start, clock, finish, etc.
- Automatically seats and suggests movements to keep your tables balanced
- Handles tables of varying sizes
- Manual movements made especially easy - just click and drag players from seat to seat
- Choose from over 100 pieces of information to display to your players
- Much more ...

The standard version of the tournament manager for Live poker manages multiple tournaments simultaneously and gives an overview of each tournament, player, table, registration, seating, payoff and much more.

Some additional features of Casino Poker Manager Standard Version:
- Lobby view to give an overview of all activities
- Calculates statistics over multiple tournaments
- Group players into leagues and teams
- Import and export of players and archived tournaments
- Tournament summary with breakdown of money
- Payoff-Presets
- Much more...

Some additional features of Casino Poker Manager Professional Version:
- Administrate users with different access rights
- Manage and display waiting lists for ring games
- Display rotating banner advertisements
- Cascaded payoffs for different starter ranges
- Group tournaments to a serie
- Remote Control via iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
- Much more...


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