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CCopy Pro - 高效剪贴板管理工具

发行商: Shao Bing Fu
价格: 2.99 USD


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CCopy is a unique clipboard history management tool, it can silently save all your clipboard history.

"Important Data Copy twice"
Original CopyCopy mode, in this mode, only the content copied twice in succession will be recorded, let CCpoy only save the data you want to save.
Collection site: CopyCopy
Favorite pictures: CopyCopy
Favorite text: CopyCopy

Of course, we also support Copy once to record data.

“Direct paste”
-This function requires you to authorize CCopy to control your computer, please check in the settings for specific operations
-Paste the record to your workspace with one click, no other complicated operations
-Drag and drop the record to the location you want to paste to quickly insert

-Automatically classify records according to "text, pictures, files, links"
-Automatically classify records according to App, you can quickly find in the App list

-Quickly preview each of your records

-Add records according to your needs, easy to find quickly
-You can create new tags according to your needs
-Customize tag’s color and title
-The tagged records will not be cleared automatically

-Quickly search the content of the qualified clipboard, search function and its powerful
-Remarks can be searched as keywords

-Add Comments to your records for easier search

-All the marked records will be saved in the "marked" column
-Marked records will not be cleared automatically

“Pin to top"
-Sticky frequently used records for quick access

-Can re-edit text type records

-Support direct copy and copy as plain text operations

-Link: Quickly open the link through the browser app
-Pictures, text: save as a file
-File: Open the file location

“Save Record Mode”
-Save according to the duration, automatically clear the overtime records
-Save according to quantity, automatically clear excess records
-Clear when exiting CCopy
-Manual management

-Global mode: record all clipboard contents
-Whitelist mode: Only record content added to the whitelisted app
-Blacklist mode: Does not record the content added in the blacklisted app

"Sound Effect"
-Provide 8 kinds of sound effects for you to choose freely, you can also choose to turn off the sound effects

"Hot key"
-Open windows quickly


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