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this software has not any problem in the Mountain Lion OS.

Centaur-Astrology is a professional astrology program for mac os. featuring: fast and accurate calculations (to an arc of minute), built-in atlas with more than 270000 places all over the world, 9 house systems, 11 aspects with user defined orbs , major asteroids (Ceres,Juno, Pallas, Vesta), Lilith, Vertex, Fortune, N.Node, S.Node.

Functions of this app:

1. Auto calculate natal chart, you can define your local space's latitude and longitude, so it very easy for you to see your local space's chart.
2. Can save many user data, so you can analyze data anytime and anywhere. and also you can edit user data if you wish.
3. You can define aspect orb and define which aspect to show or not.
4. Define which star to show or not.
5. You can touch the aspect to get the more info of the it.
6. In the natal chart, you can touch the star to see which star has aspect with it.
7. Also in the natal chart, we give each star and each house's info, include degree,sign info, and if it will return or not.
8. user can select place in the common setting now.
9. add Solar Return Chart.
10. Support pdf function, user can output star chart to pdf file now.
11. Add BiWheel Chart(Transit). User can slide your finger from left to right or visa versa on the star chart to change the view.
12. It provides detailed natal Chart analyzation.
13. easy to inc/dec datetime in the "now and here" function,just use your finger touch the screen, and move from left to right or right to left.

Here is my email: 154606738@qq.com

Thank you for your support of our software, we will continue to work hard to provide you with better software.you can search "yixian" for more information about our products.

more about astrology, please read this website:

if you want to see the demo video, please go to this website:

any question, you can contract me by this email:


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