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CheckCheck is an ever so simple to-do list app for Mac OS X. It does one thing, and it does it well: lets you add and remove to-do list items from a convenient menu bar item.

Simply click on CheckCheck in your menu bar, click "New To-Do", type away, and press enter. It's that easy! To remove items, highlight the finished task, and click on the check button.

Ok,'s a bit of a convoluted process right now, but this is just version 1.0 (and, not to mention my first app). There are things that need improvement—including the app's appearance (although, it's quite pretty if I do say so myself). I welcome any and all comments and feature suggestions, and I do plan to update the app regularly.


Known Issues/Oddities:

1) The app drop down doesn't disappear when you click outside of it. Right now, you have to click on it's menu icon again to dismiss it. (This is the first priority to fix in the next update.)

2) Icon to launch app may be slightly difficult to click on. Sorry! (You need to make sure you are clicking on an actual part of the image.)

Coming in Future Updates:

1) Preferences: ability to add a hot key to open CheckCheck
2) Easier to-do list entry: open, type, press enter.
3) New display: rather than a table, there will be check boxes.
4) Dynamically expanding window size based on longest to-do item


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