Chess? OK! - 3000 unique chess problems

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We're glad to present you a unique chess problems collection! This collection is addressed to young chess players, coaches, teachers, parents. It can be used at educational or training lessons, along with self practice.

- 3000 amusing chess problems. Mate in 1, mate in 2 and mate in 3!
- Professional chess coach
- Convenient "Navigation". You can easily select a desired chess problem
- The bookmark will move your task to "Favorites" in just one click and save your time!
- We are glad to get feedbacks from you to create the App better
- More features soon!

With the help of this chess tasks collection you can develop creativity, logical thinking and decision making skills in your kid.

Winning a chess game gives you an unbeatabe feeling of satisfaction, and thus enhances your mind! Win together with the programs "Chess? OK!"


Awesome Practice:
Awesome practice as the title suggest.

Awesome app for novice players!!!:
Nice app, really interesting chess app for beginners.

Very good:
Very good

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