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Reduce your PDF file size smaller with PDF Compressor with ease!

Cisdem PDF Compressor is an initial PDF squeezer to help you compress, reduce and optimize large PDF file size in batch. It provides easy and effective ways to compress big image-heavy PDF files using an extensive set of options and presets. It let you preview an optimized PDF document and original side-by-side in real-time, and maintains the original PDF quality and formats.

Cisdem PDF Compressor has four preset filter compressing modes let you quickly make PDF documents smaller, and allows customize your settings on the resolution and image quality for compressing different PDF documents. This will help you keep the important contents, also greatly save hard drive’s storage space, speed up network transmission and more efficient on business work.

3 Steps to Compress PDF Size
• Cisdem PDF Compressor only has 3 simple steps let you to compress PDF size easily: Import PDF documents – Choose compression mode – Start compress PDF documents.

Four Preset Compression Modes Available to Squeeze PDF File Size Quickly
• Minimal File Size, Small File Size, Medium File Size, Large File Size to meet your different ordinary compression needs.

You Can Customize DPI (Dots Per Inch)
• Cisdem PDF Compressor allows you to set the specific preferred compression result and content quality if necessary.

Real-time Compression Size
• Show the sizes of your PDF files and the predicted sizes in different compression modes after compression.

Compress PDF Files Size in Batch Supported
• Compress hundreds of PDF documents or a 500-page PDF file within mins.

Preserve Highest Quality after Compressing
• Optionally remove useless elements unnecessary to reduce large PDFs to their smallest size - without compromising quality.

User-friendly and No Extra App Need
• Support compressing all versions of PDF documents without Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

Feel free to contact us directly if you need any kind of support:


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