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Clockwise is a minimalist and easy-to-use status bar application that stays out of your way while triggering all sorts of useful actions and alerts.

"Nifty and Useful" — MakeUseOf
"Clockwise Makes Automating Tasks on Your Mac Simple" — Lifehacker
"It doesn’t take long to discover how useful Clockwise is" — MakeTechEasier
"Clockwise more than fulfils its promise and is worth every cent it costs" — AppleWeblog
"Worth every cent!" — Apple Domination
"This little yet mighty application really allows for some complex workflows" — Web Pickings

Clockwise's core functionality resides on events and actions. For example, you can set an alarm clock so your mac wakes you up every day to your favorite tune - with a different wake time for weekends. Or you may want to open a website every week to check its latest contents. If you need to take pills for a week before lunch, want a picture of your room emailed to you every ten minutes, or simply want to think of the pizza when it is ready, Clockwise will remember and do it so you won't have to. You could even have Clockwise read a dictionnary out loud during your sleep, or tweet your mac's CPU temperature! Your imagination is the only limit.

- Easily access Clockwise on the menu bar
- Experience a simple yet powerful interface
- Add alarm, timer and shortcut-based events
- Fully describe on which days an event can trigger
- Add any number of actions to events
- Organise events by folders
- Filter events with smart folders
- Disable events temporarily
- Start at login autommatically
- Follow help pages that fully describe each feature
- Enjoy full Retina display support

Actions available for each event:
- Text alert (speak the text and/or show an alert through Clockwise, Growl or your mac's own Notification Center)
- Tweet text to the default Twitter account set on System Preferences
- Set volume & brightness levels
- Flash screen
- Play system sounds
- Control iTunes playback
- Open files, folders, apps and internet addresses
- Run shell scripts, AppleScript files or Automator workflows with custom input and save their results to a file
- Send an email, with optional screenshot and/or iSight picture as attachments
- Save screenshots or iSight pictures to files
- Wait for internet
- and more...

The 'Alert', 'Tweet', 'Send email' and 'Run user script' actions use text entered by the user, but they can also read text from a file or from the clipboard instead. This allows for some complex workflows such as having a script output some text to a text file, that is then read by the 'Tweet' action to tweet the file's contents. In this way you can, for example, tweet the output of any script.

Clockwise comes with a library of scripts that can be used with the 'Run user script' action and extend Clockwise's abilities much further:
- Sleep, logout, restart and shutdown your mac
- Control the screensaver
- Quit apps
- Perform keyboard shortcuts
- Empty the trash
- Start Time Machine backup
- Tell Mail to check for new mail
- Unmount all drives
- and more...

Your mac must not be sleeping for Clockwise to trigger events. Clockwise offers an option that prevents idle sleep (turn it on in the preferences), although that does not prevent user-induced sleep (closing the lid or choosing Sleep from the Apple menu).

Clockwise supports action plugins. If you're familiar with mac programming be sure to read the help pages in order to get started.

One last note: Clockwise is meant to be useful. For questions or features you'd like to see in the future, you may reach us at


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