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Swatch Book Editor is a universal application for working with color. The capabilities of the application are not limited to editing and viewing swatches, and are aimed at finding inspiration and creative color solutions. Also, this application can be for you a tool for more detailed study and understanding of color.

- Supports 6 popular swatches file formats:
- Adobe Photoshop Color Book (.acb)
- Adobe Exchangeable Swatch (.ase)
- Adobe Photoshop Swatches (.aco)
- AutoCAD Color Book (.acb)
- Apple Color List (.clr)
- Procreate Swatches (.swatches)

- Supported Color Models : RGB, CMYK, Lab, XYZ, Gray, HSB ,HSL ,RYB ,Yxy, Luv, LCHab ,LCHuv, LMS
- Ability to add custom color spaces

- 4 build-in tools
- Color Converter
- Color Harmony Generator
- Natural Colors Scheme Builder
- Color Eye Dropper Tool

- Edit Color with:
- Color Components Sliders
- Flexible Color Wheel
- Color Library

And much more in this wonderful application ...

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