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An expert system to connect and use your older Wacom tablet with newer MacOS versions - as simple as that!

Connect my tablet is doing exactly that: It connects your previous generation tablet from Wacom (TM) to your Mac and restores at least its critical functionality to be creative with Photoshop (TM) and other programmes in Catalina, Mojave, HighSierra and Sierra. For many models and MacOS versions, the Wacom preference pane, and therefore previous functionality, will be working again. For others, Connect my tablet provides a tool to let you change the most important pen settings.

In Catalina, as in the latest MacOS versions, the pen functions and pen buttons work perfectly as well as most setting options for those buttons - after using Connect my tablet. However your preference pane, if it worked in earlier MacOS versions, may now not allow you to change tablet button settings (at least not without another third party product or your stored Preferences Backup file from a previous MacOS installation). It still allows Cintiq users to change pen functionality and to calibrate the pen - and other tablet users (if the preference pane worked in Mojave for you) to change at least your pen settings. If your preference pane did not work in earlier MacOS versions already, you can continue to use Connect my tablet to change your pen settings.
Also for the oldest tablets, the Utility programme from Wacom is no longer supported in Catalina. It was mainly useful to create backups of the preference settings. We may offer a new utility programme on the AppStore in the future for a modest price, if there is sufficient demand.

As you might have to install and de-install tablet drivers, you will have to have full admin rights on your computer.

With version 2.x you now get an expert system, guiding you step by step through the reconnection process - or, if needed - the change of settings.

Currently Connect my tablet supports and is tested on:
Bamboo: including CTH-460/461/470/661/670, CTL 460/470, MTE-450, CTE-450
Intuos: including GD and XD series (0 and 2 series); Intuos3 PTZ-430/431/630/631/930/1231W; CTH-series and many Intuos4 (e.g. PTK) and Intuos5 tablets (e.g. PTH)
Graphire: 2,3 and 4 series
Cintiq: including 18SX, 21UX, 13HD, DTU-2231 and others
But it works for many more tablets and you can always ask us at

Current capabilities for those tablets that not only need reconnection (and then their preference pane works again) but also require settings to be changed via Connect my tablet:

• Tablet/ Stylus connected
• One group of settings for all applications (although with different backups you can be application specific)
• Pen Pressure Sensitivity selectable
• Pen Buttons programmable (keystrokes, modifiers, clicks)
• Eraser programmable
• Double click assistance can be switched off/on
• Definition of the active tablet area
• Definition of the pen/stylus to switch to mouse mode from pen mode
• Change of tablet orientation in landscape mode (e.g. for left-handed artists)
• Addition of the Pan (Pan/Scroll) mode, to be assigned to stylus buttons (for most tablets)

We may add further settings for change if required and feasible. Again, just contact us at:

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