Cosmic Bowling

发行商: Amit Barman
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This cosmic bowling game is optimized for your latest system! It not only fully embraces the incredible 3D physics engine and effects, but uses beautiful art work to put a fun twist on a classic game! See what score you can earn!

Be the world's best player in this 3D cosmic bowling game!

Game Features:
- Stunning 3D graphics
- Cosmic Bowling
- Optimized for latest Computer
- Special Effects and intricate colors
- State-of-the-art 3D physics engine for real pin action
- Over 20 different bowling balls

Simple instructions on how to play:
1. Move mouse to the left or right to position the ball for your throw.
2. Flick the ball with your mouse to bowl, and drag mouse straight or towards the left/right to guide the direction. The harder you move your mouse the harder the ball goes!

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