Course For Final Cut Pro X 105 - Working With Audio

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With Final Cut Pro X, video editors now have the powerful combination of audio tools and bundled plug-ins that can make your audio sound like it went to a $450/hour Post Production studio. Let Michael Wohl show you how to use them...
A good friend of mine once said, “Video is two-thirds audio." In most video software, the audio capabilities have been nothing more than an afterthought and often under-implemented. In Final Cut Pro X, the audio is treated as an equal partner!

In this tutorial, editor, educator and Final Cut expert MIchael Wohl reveals all the new audio techniques that video editors can do in-appin FCP X to ensure that the audio coming out the other side is cleaner, better EQ-ed and more expertly processed than in previous versions of Final Cut Pro. He takes you on an audio trek beginning with adding clips from external sources, iTunes, and the built-in Music and Sound Effects browser. You’ll also learn how to expertly configure audio channels from mono all the way to 5.1 surround.

Michael then takes you through the art and science of creating good audio levels. He explains metering, the difference between dB and dBFS, and the implementation of audio keyframes (automation) included in Final Cut Pro X.

From audio levels he dissolves smoothly into a section on transitions where you’ll learn all about audio cross-fades in the primary storyline and cross-fading complex connected clips. Then Maestro Wohl is into stereo and surround panning, and explains the awesome new Logic Pro EQ and Spaces plug-ins that come bundled with Final Cut Pro X.

So become an audio master under the direction of video maestro Michael Wohl and learn how to use all the incredible new audio features that make Final Cut Pro X a true, fully functional audio-for-video editor.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Importing Audio Clips
3. The Music and Sound Effects Browser
4. Audio Channel Configuration
5. Breaking Apart Audio Channels
6. Audio Meters
7. Setting Proper Levels
8. Adjusting Clip Levels
9. dB vs. dBFS
10. Keyframing Audio Levels
11. Additional Keyframing Tools
12. Sample-level Audio Editing
13. Deleting Audio Keyframes
14. Audio Fades
15. Crossfades in the Primary Storyline
16. Crossfades on Connected Clips
17. Stereo vs. Surround
18. Controlling Stereo Pans
19. Surround Panning
20. Basic Equalization
21. EQ Plugins
22. The Channel EQ
23. Managing Audio Filters
24. Matching EQ
25. Auto Enhancements
26. Distortion & Echo Effects
27. Reverb Effects
28. Voice & Pitch Effects

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