Course For Final Cut Pro X 107 - Color Correction Techniques

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Final Cut Pro X comes with many new, intuitive and very cool color correction tools. Our in-house color expert, the “colorful” Michael Wohl, shows you FCP X’s virtual rainbow of new tools and techniques that you can use right outta-the-box! (Oops, I mean, the right-outta-the-Mac App Store!) Looks like the arcane world of color correction will never be the same...
Final Cut Pro X does color and master colorist Michael Wohl, macProVideo’s video editing guru, shows you everything this awesome new program can do to make your productions color-coordinated!

First, Michael takes you through FCP X’s Basic Color Adjustments. Say goodbye to the color wheel. Here comes Color Board: Apple's way of making the color correction process easier to grasp. Michael explains how the Color Board and its linear interface works and how you can use it most effectively! He explains color balancing using FCP X’s intuitive new color controls. For all the musicians out there: if you've ever used an audio EQ, you will feel right at home with these new “EQ-like” interface elements! From there, MIchael takes us to the quick and powerful one-click Color Match tool with some wonderful “before and after” examples. Very cool stuff, indeed!

In the next section, Primary Corrections, Michael takes us into the Scopes: the Waveform Monitor, Vectorscope and Histogram. Scopes show you the science behind what you're seeing and he explains how they work and why you need to understand how to use them.

In the Secondary Corrections section, you will learn all about Color Masks and Shape Masks. MIchael explores all the cool features build right into FCP X to keyframe the masks while limiting your color effects to specific areas of the frame. Finally, there’s a cool section on managing Grades.

So if you want to know how well Final Cut Pro X does color, join Michael Wohl as he teaches you all the advanced color techniques that FCP X offers. You’ll see how great it is to have a friendly expert like Michael Wohl to keep you from painting yourself into that color correction corner!

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Balancing Color
3. Matching Color
4. Seeing Before and After
5. Adding and Adjusting Looks
6. Other Color-related Effects
7. Color Board Presets
8. Overview of the Color Board
9. Video Scopes: Waveform Monitor
10. Video Scopes: Vectorscope
11. Video Scopes: Histogram
12. Basic Exposure Corrections
13. Adding Keyboard Shortcuts
14. Basic Color Controls
15. Correcting for Humans
16. Correcting Color Casts
17. Saturation Effects
18. Using Color Masks
19. Using Shape Masks
20. Keyframing Shape Masks
21. Inside vs. Outside
22. Combining Shapes and Keys
23. Copying and Pasting Grades
24. Applying Existing Grades

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