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Course For Media Composer 6 100 - What's New In Media Composer 6

发行商: Nonlinear Educating Inc.
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With so many exciting changes happening in the world of video editing, Avid ups the ante with this latest incarnation of Media Composer. In this FREE overview tutorial, Avid Master Trainer Jeff Greenberg shows you everything that’s new in MC6, and what it means to your workflow...

Media Composer is back with tons of new features and a great new lookand feel. In this “What’s New” tutorial by Media Composer expert Jeff Greenberg, you’ll get a professional’s look at all of Media Composer 6’s new features. Jeff starts out with a thorough look at the user interface changes in MC6. In the first part of this tutorial, you’ll be introduced to the new Bin and Bin Layouts. Jeff then gets into the Workspace where you’ll learn about Workspace customizations, its linking capabilities and how to map different Workspaces to your keyboard.

Next, Jeff gets into the editorial changes. You’ll discover the Smart tool and learn how to make it even smarter. He then explains Avid Media Acces (AMA) which makes transcoding a thing of the past! Then there’s surround, pan and zoom changes, email notifications for rendering and the new Avid Marketplace where you can shop directly for your stock footage needs!

Jeff’s concluding videos in this course are all about working in 3D in MC6. He explains in great detail all the need-to-knows for anyone who wants to work with Stereoscopic footage.

Table of Contents:

1. Opening
2. Interface Settings
3. Bin Changes
4. Creating Bin Layouts
5. What Is A Workspace
6. Customizing Workspaces
7. Linking Workspaces To Named Settings
8. Linking Workspaces To Source/Record, Effects and Tri...
9. Linking Workspaces To Bin Layouts
10. Mapping Workspaces To The Keyboard
11. The Smart Tool
12. Making The Smart Tool "Smarter"
13. Avid Media Access (AMA) Changes
14. Handling ProRes Natively
15. General Surround Sound Workflow
16. Composer Monitor Data
17. Email Notifications
18. Pan And Zoom Effect Changes
19. Using The Marketplace Foe Stock Footage
20. Creating A 3D Stereoscopic Project
21. Linking to 3D Stereoscopic Footage Via AMA
22. Creating 3D Stereoscopic Clips
23. Editing Stereoscopic Clips
24. Correcting Color And Convergence Issues
25. Depth Transitions
26. Exporting Stereoscopic Clips


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