Cover Lights for Hue and iTunes

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Let your album covers shine with Cover Lights.

The covers in your iTunes library are real artworks. They use colors to express the mood of your music. Wouldn't it be great to adjust the room illumination to the mood of your music while you are listening to your favorite tracks? Well, now with Cover Lights and your Philips Hue Bulbs you can.

When starting a music track in iTunes, Cover Lights automatically analyzes the colors of the cover to tint your Philips Hue bulbs accordingly. In addition you can change the color selection for a cover using drag'n'drop, if you are not happy with Cover Lights' automatic selection.

* The App extracts the colors of the currently played track in iTunes to tint your Philips Hue Bulbs
* Cover Lights automatic color selection can be easily optimized using drag'n'drop

Please note:
* This app requires iTunes 11.1 or higher to be installed on your computer
* At the moment this app does not support iTunes Radio. Only music titles in your local iTunes library are supported.
* This App requires that your Philips Hue bulbs can be controlled from your computer. Please ensure that you have a Hue Bridge with at least one bulb set up on your network before buying this App.
* Cover Lights is no disco App. In the current version the bulbs only get tinted (no rapid light changes).


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