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Create Work Orders

发行商: Raj Kumar Shaw
价格: 2.99 USD


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Create Work Orders was designed to send task specific orders that are of time sensitive nature. Once you fill out the form and content the recipient(s) will know exactly how to proceed once the order has been received.

Once you start using Create Work Orders your team will be more efficient and they will be able to prioritize the workflow a lot better between each other. You will never go back to sending regular emails asking for work to be completed!

Create Work Orders is a must have for any company the thrives on completing and processing many small to medium size tasks daily. The idea was to simplify the presentation of tasks at hand in a check list fashion for simplified click and send emails.

We created Create Work Orders for our own company to deal with all the little items that were missed daily because they were only communicated verbally. With Create Work orders we have noticed a big improvement in fixing up issues because the orders are marked as to be completed and are right in front of you instead of somewhere in your brain.

Create Work Order is a must have for anyone trying to improve their productivity and bottom line.


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