Cryptogram Deluxe

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Decode famous quotes in Cryptogram Deluxe!
Cryptogram Deluxe has hundreds of puzzles for you to test your decoding skills and unveil quotes that are funny, inspirational, philosophical and more. Whatever your mood, choose your category and start puzzle solving!

Our puzzle board includes great features like:

• Free Hints
• Free Tips
• How to Play Tutorial
• Letter Tracking
• Letter Frequency
• Auto Save for Puzzles
• Dark Mode Support
• Easy to Use Interface
• Beautiful Design

Cryptograms Deluxe is a letter substitution puzzle meaning that the letters in the hidden message are represented by a different letter of the alphabet. There are many strategies for solving cryptograms. Can you learn them all? Download Cryptogram Deluxe now and try it for yourself.

Mouseless Media is dedicated to making apps you love to use. Please contact us any time if you’d like to see a new feature in the next release of Cryptogram Deluxe.

Happy Puzzling!

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