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--- WHAT IS CURIO? ---
Curio is an intuitive, freeform notebook environment with all the integrated tools you need to take notes, brainstorm ideas, collect research, and organize your tasks and documents.

--- WHAT’S NEW IN CURIO 13? ---
Curio 13 adds macOS Mojave dark mode support; figure layers for more flexible layouts and arrangements; cross references between figures, idea spaces, and web locations with custom types like Agree and Evidence for more organized research; an integrated equation editor; focus mode for better concentration; additional markdown support; new album arrangements; new meta properties; major performance enhancements; plus dozens of other features and improvements.

• In Curio, create a project to represent a real-world project that you’re working on. Next fill it with everything related to that project including notes, images, PDF’s, documents, web links, multimedia, and much, much more.

• You can place this information anywhere on Curio’s freeform idea spaces. Or use Curio’s integrated mind maps, lists, tables, index cards, albums, pinboards, and stacks to organize your data into powerful collections.

• Anything placed into Curio can be associated with meta data such as tags, flags, checkboxes, priorities, ratings, resources, and start/due dates and durations for easy searching and task management.

• The key point is that everything related to your project is stored, managed, and tracked within a single project file using a single, well-integrated application. You’re not juggling a mess of files scattered about your hard disk with a disparate suite of apps.

--- PRICING ---
You can use Curio without a subscription in a read-only mode to view, export, and print existing projects, including our our bundled Welcome to Curio project which automatically opens on first launch and provides a guided tour, documentation, and sample gallery showing off Curio’s amazing features.

When you’re ready to dive in and create your own projects, start a 2 week free trial from within Curio by subscribing to a Standard or Professional monthly or yearly plan. If you cancel at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial period you won't be charged for using Curio.

Your Apple ID account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the trial period. You can manage and cancel your subscription by going to your account settings on the Mac App Store any time after purchase.

Standard and Professional plans both include an incredible number of core features including Curio's amazing freeform notebook environment; rich text, document, and image figures; mind maps, lists, tables, index cards, albums, pinboard, and Kanban stacks; flowcharting shapes and sticky lines; audio and video recording; searchable meta such as checkmarks, dates, and tags; and numerous import/export options.

Our Standard plans add an integrated equation editor, focus mode, markdown support, reusable templates and stencils, brushes & pens, Evernote support, Sleuth browser, Calendar syncing, more sophisticated PDF exporting, and Spread PDF importing.

Our Professional plans take Standard's features then adds figure layers, cross references, master styles and templates, Status task tracking, presentation mode, regular expressions, project password, automatic project backups, and more!

--- CHECK IT OUT! ---
We invite you to join the thousands of customers around the world who use Curio for information gathering, brainstorming, and creative exploration. Download Curio and check out our bundled Welcome to Curio guided tour, documentation, and sample gallery to learn how you can be more productive with Curio.

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