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Cutie Monsters Battle Arena

发行商: Play Spirit Limited
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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CUTIE MONSTERS BATTLE ARENA is a free massively addictive turn based strategy RPG with intense action and difficult puzzles.

This game continues the story of the Cutie Monsters Tower Defense and allows the user to become a great cutie master trainer, capture more than 1200 outstanding monsters, upgrade their skills and form deadly strategies to defeat his enemies.

Explore incredible worlds in your journey, from big modern cities to traditional villages, pirate islands, icy frozen arctic landscapes to hot pyramid deserts and hunted realms full of the undead darkness forces.

Meet a lot of friends and enemies in your quest to become the ultimate beast master.

Capture as many powerful monsters as you can to constantly make your team stronger and use the weak ones as fusing material for your favorite ones.

Catch all the creatures that fight you and evolve them into new, stronger forms.
From tigers to lions, from eagles to dragons, from wolves to monkeys to powerful insects, from mythical creatures to ordinary monsters you have to use their magical skills and fight these fantastic foes.

The war has already started. To survive these games you need a powerful guild so always know it's strengths and weaknesses as well as a great battle strategy.
Play with your friends using our multiplayer features and use their powers and skills as summoners allies!

Collect Diamonds and Coins to summon better magical beasts with fantasy like abilities.

- Epic intense battles that will hook you for weeks!
- Over 1200 Cutie monsters!
- Over 650 intense fun missions!
- Addictive gameplay for hundreds of hours of action!
- Master the Trainer arts of war and strategy with fire, water, electricity, earth and darkness
- Train & Fuse your creatures to create the ultimate guild
- Become one of the best summoners in the world
- Evolve dragons, wolves, lions, dinosaurs, snakes, eagles, insects, elephants, and sea creatures to increase your team power and become invincible!
- Summon legendary creatures to fight for you in the Arena and slay the fantastic bosses
- Hugely addictive match 3 to fuel your attacks
- Ally with friends to boost your power
- A huge variety of missions to play from dungeons to volcano to deserts or tropical islands, frozen arctic or hell like landscapes
- Incredible storyline in which you have to capture creatures and use their abilities
- Optimized for MacBooks and iMac desktop
- One of the best action & adventure games on your Macbook and Desktop

You may have played other MMORPG before but nothing will compare to this experience!
Become a legendary trainer!
Start playing Cutie Monsters Battle Arena today for FREE!


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