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Dapper is an Audiophile's best friend. It makes transferring your playlists, music and album art from iTunes, the MacOS Music app or a Folder on your Mac to your Hires Digital Audio Player easy! All modern players can be synced including players from manufacturers like Astell & Kern, Cayin, Cowon, Chord, Cowon, FiiO, Hiby, HifiMan, iBasso, Onkyo, Pioneer, Pono, Sony and more. Visit our website for more details, documentation and videos.

Dapper was built with the Audiophile in mind over the past five years and has a myriad of options to customize what music gets synced and how it is achieved. This includes multi-threading to complete syncing tasks in parallel.

We actively update Dapper to keep adding more and more versatility, speed and power. Use a simple slider to select which artists music will be copied to which storage and see in real-time what amount of storage will be used as a result.

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