Defend Your Life!

发行商: Alda Games s.r.o.
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Take the role of a clever commander and fight for the most precious parts of a human being. Fight for your life in the human body and enjoy this unique tower defense experience!

You are the commander of the human body´s sentinels with a clear objective: bacteria and viruses shall not pass through your defense system. The way to deal with enemy hordes is simple. Think tactically, construct and upgrade buildings, reinforce troops, support them with special upgrades and annihilate the enemy with mighty powers.

Battlefields are situated in 17 human body organs like the heart, appendix, stomach and you will fight even in the brain.

But beware! Enemies also use some tactics: Flu divides itself, Nicotinic can be invisibible and so on. Just explore and improve your fights.

- 17 exciting levels
- 27 different enemies
- 4 basic upgradable buildings
- Bonuses and powers
- Stunning graphics
- Original soundtrack
- Tactical involvement
- Addictive gameplay

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