Diary Notes

发行商: Morten Steenberg
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Create your own Diary with Diary Notes for macOS. Easy to understand and even easier to use on your computer. Enhanced printout supported.

Diary Notes is an app for macOS (formerly OS X). Diary Notes is essentially in a series of other programs created for iPhone (Better Diary) and Microsoft Windows (min Dagbok for Windows) by the software developer Morten Steenberg. This is the latest and newest app.

The program is intended as a comfortable and simple user experience but also offers you the most important thing - to be able to write and use a diary. There are many programs on the market, but unfortunately has many other applications a very tricky way to present what to do and how you do it. We hope that the Diary Notes gives you a better and easier experience when it comes to writing a diary on Mac.

The program can also be used as a "pasteboard" or as a cut and paste tablet to remember notes. Diary Notes offers you a so-useful search function to locate in the text that is saved in your diary. You can also create Internet bookmarks with HTTP links in your diary, paste images, and many more things.

Diary Notes support iCloud Drive for Backup and Restore of your Diary.

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