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DICOM Gateway

发行商: Jesse Wakley
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Radiology Technology's DICOM GATEWAY has grown into an incredibly powerful solution which offers all facilities, large or small, the ability to compete on a level playing field. For example, your existing PACS vendor can now host its own Teleradiology solution through our middleware. You can also host your own DICOM distribution solution and automate all DICOM traffic. The features are nearly limitless.

As a Reading group, you would simply have your clients download this version (or the Windows version) which will allow them to send their Radiology studies to you within minutes. With HIPAA-compliant securities built-in, there is no need for VPNs to each facility; within minutes you can begin creating your own Medical Imaging DICOM Cloud service.

Once the studies are received you can select auto-routing rules based on DICOM header data, alter DICOM header data with literally limitless options, or require users individually to route the traffic after selecting the referring physician from the web portal. The portal allows for amazing integration with all existing PACS vendors. The data received from the web portal will store itself into the standard DICOM headers and/or be used to create HL7 messages. This allows your new facilities to interface perfectly with your existing PACS solution. Popular fields used in the portal are Referring Physician selection, Tech Notes, Exam Indications, etc. These are important fields for Reading Physicians and we can integrate these with all major PACS vendors who support the HL7 & DICOM standards.

Most Radiology Cloud services charge $1-$2 per study sent or received. Our services have no limit on the volume and no cost per study. Furthermore, all studies route to your servers, thus removing any HIPAA concerns other services must overcome. You will no longer need to be concerned about the compression policies of 3rd party cloud services, since your existing PACS determines these settings inherently.

It is the easiest, most flexible and cost-effective way to share Radiology images between facilities. Now, every Radiologist can provide impressive Teleradiology services without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in hardware and software.

Optionally, use this software to create a DICOM sharing cloud amongst local facilities, thus removing the need to distribute CDs.

See our website and let us automate your Medical Imaging needs today!


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