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Now 60% OFF!
Free up tons of disk space with Disk Cleaner by removing gigabytes of unneeded files from your hard drive.

The fastest Disk Cleaner app available, including scanning for canceled downloads!!

With the new added features Disk Cleaner is now not only the fastest Disk Cleaner app available, it is probably the most complete as well.

With just a few clicks, Disk Cleaner can empty the following after scanning and analyzing:

- Applications Caches
- Application Logs
- Browser Cache (Detect all Browsers)
- Browser Preview-Image
- Mail Downloads Folder
- Downloads Folder
- Trash Can
- Xcode Builds
- Broken Downloads
- Scanning for and deleting of old iTunes and iOS updates and backups

Any hard disk or SSD is filled with leftovers, files and snippets that are not needed anymore. Disk Cleaner is removing these leftovers not only freeing disk space, but also increasing disk performance under certain circumstances.
Cache files, application cache including browser cache is emptied.
Disk Cleaner knows about the importance of your data, that's why it is analyzing the browser cache instead of deleting.

If you notice a speed decrease and lower disk performance, it's time to get the Disk Cleaner!

Disk Cleaner supports Mac OSX 10.10!

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