Dissolve Transition: Image blend effect

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Do you want create a nice fade away effect in your pictures? Dissolve Transition is the app that allows you to give fun and artistic effects to your photos.

With Dissolve Transition you can merge different images to create an amazing effect in your photos. The application automatically generates a layer with the second image, applying a soft transparent effect just like magic, mix with the first chosen image, creating an artistic and entertaining effect.

Simple & easy interface: Simple interface to create cool effects in your pictures.

Fade away effect: You can use the slider to select the time and set the transparence of your pictures.

* Export Images: Save your picture anywhere you want.

Make the best fade away pictures with Dissolve Transition.

• What costumers are saying

Exceptionally easy Ebook cover creator
You can make a cover in seconds with this easy to use, inexpensive and quick photoblender/merger. I can make blanks and then title them, etc. in my graphics program. Saves a lot of time and I could recommend as it makes good use of your existing purchased photos.
by Writer Sue

How to use:

Drag your desired pictures to the boxes image 1 and image 2.
Use the time slide to set the fade away effect in your picture.
Click on the button Save to export your picture.

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