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Drawing Class

发行商: Tony Walsh
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Take a Master Class in Drawing with this incredible collection of over 650 tutorial and informative video lessons.

All aspects of drawing are covered - with beginners and advanced lessons included.

App features:
** Edit the video title, subtitle and keep your own set of user notes.
** Move the video around it's group and even change it's group.
** Make videos your favourites and give them your own rating
** Search by title or notes
** View by favourites or rating
** View by history the last ten played or visited videos

Tutorials include:
How to Draw Lips and Mouths
How to Animate a Bouncing Bikini Girl
How to Draw Demons
How to Write a Short Script
How to Draw Hands Comic and Cartoon
How to shade using Color Pencils
How to Shade Metal reflective Surfaces
How to be a Freelance Artist DOs and DONTs
Painting with Custom Photoshop Brushes
How to Draw Shadows on Objects and People
Bone Tool Animation Adobe Flash Tutorial
How to Create Characters the Design Process
How to Draw Skulls
Painting with Brushes in Photoshop
Cel Shading in Photoshop Feat Krillin from DBZ
How to Draw Chibi Characters
How to Mix Paints
Motion in Animation - Tutorial
How to Draw Isometric Art
Environment Animation Tutorial RainWindFog in Flash
How To Animation Smears
Making a Walk Cycle Speed Animation Tutorial
How to make a Flash Cartoon
Creative Motivation - How to get things done
Turn a 3D render into a Promo Image Photoshop Tutorial
How to Make your own Speedpainting Time lapse video
Painting your scanned linework art
How to ScanPhotograph your art optimization
Add Lighting FX to your Photoshop Painting
Lets Draw Villains
Drawing Heads on Different Angles
Keyframe Animation Tutorial
Painting Grayscale to Color in Photoshop
Using a Flash VCAM download
How to use an Animatic
How to use Storyboards
How to Draw Poses
How to make MONEY with your art Content monetization
How to Paint Backgrounds in Photoshop
Digital Tablets - How Much Why Who etc
How to Draw Clothing folds and creases
How to draw Cloth
How to spot Drawing Mistakes
Lets Animate Sexy Dancing
How to Animate Parallaxing 3D pan effect
How to Draw Fat People
How to upload art to Newgrounds
How to Progress Creatively My Story
Lets Draw Armor
How to Draw Boobs
How to Draw Ears
How to Draw Emotion
ColorLighting Touch-ups in Photoshop
Adding Textures to Photoshop Paintings
Painting Hair in Photoshop
Painting Eyes in Photoshop
Basic Painting in Photoshop
Preparing Clipping Masks in Photoshop
Painting in Photoshop Tutorial
How to draw Smooth Lines
Animating a character start to finish in Flash
Making an Animated Intro in Flash
Amazingly Simple Shading Trick
SoundAudio in Flash
How to Draw Foreshortening
Drawing Western Vs AnimeManga
How To Draw Perspective
Lets Draw Facial Hair
Animating Characters for Games
Making a Flash Toon from Start to Finish
How to Animate Bouncing Boobs
How to Animate Front Facing Run Cycle
The Basics of Photoshop
How to Draw Old People Age Lines
The Basics Animating in Adobe Flash
Lets Draw Zombies
Adobe Flash The Basics interfaces tools and tips
How to draw Noses
How to draw Mouths and Lips
How to Color in Flash Cel Shading and Gradients
How to draw Leg Anatomy
How to draw Torso Anatomy
A guide to Arm MusclesAnatomy
Drawing Anatomy Made Easy
How to Animate Mouths Lip Syncing - Flash Tutorial
How to Draw Hair
How to draw Feet
How to draw Hands
Lets Draw Superheroes
How to draw Eyes
Simple Photoshop Painting Tutorial Clipping Masks
How To Animate - Walk Cycle Tweened
How To Animate - Walk Cycle FBF Frame by Frame
An introduction to animating Walk Cycles
How to Draw - the Female Body
How to Draw - the Male Body
How to draw - Facial Construction
Getting Started in artanimation
How to sketch draw people Part 2 Gesture Drawing
How to Draw Human Anatomy Part 1 Beginner Introduction
How to sketch draw people Part 1 How to use a mannequin
How to Draw Human Anatomy Part 2 bone FIRST muscle SECOND

and many more


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