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Drawtify Designer

发行商: Aurora3D Software
价格: 29.99 USD


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Drawtify Designer is a full-featured graphic design, publisher, and animator for everyone.
Built-in vector editor, animation creator, layout and typography tools, rich effect filters, rich plug-ins(QRCode, barcode, chart, map), and 1M+ design resources(photos, vector graphics, illustrations).
Importantly, it has almost no learning curve. Therefore, it is an ideal design tool.

Richer and more friendly design support
*Built-in rich design plugins. For example maps, charts, barcodes, QR codes.
*Built-in huge design resource libraries. Including 20K+ icons & shapes, 1M+ HD photos & illustrations.
*Support for free updates, as well as an online version that supports permanent free learning.

Stunning logo maker and vector drawing tool.
*Drawing tools (pen, pencil) can quickly customize the shape.
*Use smart tools to draw shapes more easily.
*Import and edit SVG files.
*Built-in Boolean operations can easily realize shape combination, subtraction, division, intersection, exclusion, etc.
*You can choose "color", "gradient", "image" to fill and add effects.

Powerful photo editor and magic photo frame.
*Optional saturation, contrast, brightness adjustment. Or use a preset template to achieve one-click operation.
*Shadows, reflections, glows, internal glows, blurs, embossments, lights, etc. can be added.
*The mask (cut) function can realize a one-click magic photo frame.
*Combined with the vector editing function, you can easily achieve precise cutouts.
*Intuitive transparency tools and flip tools.
*Add montage effects to photos with one click.

Fast page layout and artistic typography.
*Reference line, zoom, layer, alignment, group, etc.
*Drag and drop operations to replace photos, icons, and shapes to achieve a quick layout.
*Choose font, font size, bold, italic, thin, underline, etc.
*Quickly use alignment, spacing, lists, and fixed-width tools for typesetting.
*Add "color", "gradient" and "image" to the text to fill the text and outline.
*Choose "Text to Path" to create an artistic font.
*The "text path" function can realize unique artistic typography.

An eye-catching motion graphics editor.
*Up to 27 basic movement instructions. Including: move along the path, fade in, fade out, blink, rotate, zoom, enter, exit, etc.
*In addition, 14 text movement instructions will help you easily create richer dynamic text.

Barrier-free import, export, and print
*Support for quickly importing JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG format pictures.
*Supports HD output of graphic content in JPG, PNG, PDF, and SVG formats. And download the animation in SVG, GIF, APNG, VIDEO (mp4) format.
*Support black and white window preview graphic design tasks (including motion graphics).
*Supports direct printing and built-in intuitive printing settings.

Built for Mac
*Full support for MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar and Force Touch trackpad.

Create all the beautiful graphics you need
*Use the logo maker and vector editor. Quickly create logos, icons, shapes, artistic fonts, and beautiful illustrations.
*With the help of a motion graphics editor. Easily create motion graphics to attract people's attention. For example, dynamic logos, icons, lines, shapes, titles, etc., and even fascinating videos opening.
*Easily create graphic publications with powerful and easy-to-use publishers. Including business cards, ID cards, greeting cards, gift cards, postcards, invitation cards, labels, certificates, resumes, letter paper, covers, invoices, posters, flyers, menus, banners, newsletters, infographics, reports, booklets, brochures, catalogs, Email, social media pictures, etc.


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