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Dunidle: Idle Dungeon Crawler

发行商: Awirut Ratnon
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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Are you looking for a new AFK idle pixel RPG raid dungeon crawler filled with heroes, barbarians, necromancers, templars, and bosses? Then Dunidle is the game for you!

Set up your party by being a summoner to summon your legendary heroes, including Knight, Rogue, Priest, Archer, Wizard, Barbarian, Druid, Bard, Paladin, Templar, Necromancer, Gunslinger, or Reaper – and let them battle with monsters and bosses in an idle AFK style! The realm of Dunidle is a land of endless possibilities – where reality and fantasy meet. Loot legendary items, battle in an AFK idle raid dungeon full of monsters and bosses – and dive headfirst into this necromancer raid dungeon hunter quest!

• AFK idle tactical dungeon crawler gameplay with RPG elements.
• Online and offline playability.
• Beautiful 2D retro pixel heroes, monsters, bosses, legendary weapons, and raid dungeons graphics.
• Unlock and upgrade a variety of heroes.
• Face challenging enemies, loot legendary items, and acquire multiple legendary weapons.

There are no paywalls! Our pixel RPG raid dungeon crawler game is absolutely free – and you can progress forever without paying a single red cent.

Download Dunidle: AFK idle raid dungeon crawler NOW and become the grind boss of the AFK roguelike realm!

• Idle incremental RPG grind gameplay
You can be AFK from the game and summon your heroes train while you’re away by battle with monsters and bosses in raid dungeons. When you return, he will have grown stronger – with new, powerful abilities … ready for а new quest. Grow and upgrade your hero for battle with monsters and bosses in raid dungeons, and crush them all!

• Play offline
No Internet connection required! Play online or offline – anytime you wish! – and earn gold, daily play bonuses, legendary items, and tons of achievements. Download now and start an exciting story with endless hours of play and battle with monsters and bosses in raid dungeons.

• Beautiful 2D retro pixel graphics
Dunidle’s beautiful 2D pixel graphics of heroes, monsters(wolf, slimes, dragons, mummy, ), bosses, and raid dungeons and fantasy score combine modern design with a retro aesthetic!

• Easy RPG tactics
Only a few taps – set up your idle heroes and let them battle with monsters and bosses in raid dungeons, and crush them all!

• Pixel raid dungeons
Explore the depths and crawl through endless, RPG-style roguelike pixel dungeons – featuring random level generation, tile-based graphics, and a variety of monsters such as dragons, . A true dungeon crawler is sure to keep you glued to the screen!

• Summon your idle AFK heroes
Be a summoner for your mighty Knight can attack enemies at a rapid speed and still stand to shield the group in the battle. Your healing Priest will use spells to treat your wounds. Your skilled Rogue will stab enemies with poisonous daggers that damage them over time. Your skilled Archer will shoot slow arrows to hinder the enemy’s advancement in order to successfully complete the quest. Druid can summon a titan to create a summoner war! With all these powerful idle AFK heroes, they can battle with monsters and bosses in raid dungeons, and crush them all!

Download Dunidle – one of the very best pixel AFK idle RPG incremental dungeon crawler game – to become the new boss of the roguelike realm!

Start your offline AFK idle pixel dungeon crawler RPG quest RIGHT NOW! Follow the storyline and indulge your incremental pixel dungeon hunger. Do you have the skills to become the ultimate idle hero?

- Loot equipment
- Multiple legendary weapons
- Challenging enemies
- Improve your tactics
- Collect the most powerful artifacts
- Cloud save support



If you have any suggestions or problems, access the Facebook or Reddit link above or contact the developer directly at


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