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DupliKitPro (formerly known as DupliKit) is a powerful duplicate finder application. It quickly scans your hardrive to find the duplicate files, documents, videos, archives, images and much more. The application is flexible and easy to use. Just add or drag & drop folders to the application from your computer or external harddrive, USB or network drive and begin scanning. DupliKitPro (formerly DupliKit) will do the rest to make your Mac free of duplicates. It has a user friendly interface, it's fast and it's accurate.

Main Features:

- User friendly interface. Flexible. Easy to use.
- Robust search engine.
- Find duplicates by file's name.
- Find duplicates by file's content. Files are compared via SHA-1 hash checksum algorithm.
- Filter options allow you to include or exclude the specific files in the scan process: by name,
by size or by file extension.
- Quick auto selection by using an action button.
- Delete duplicates directly from the application. Duplicate are moved to Trash bucket allowing you to recover them.
- Double check verification via confirmation window before deleting the files.
- Move duplicates to specified location.
- Supports iPhoto Albums.
- Open the files from the application.
- Quick Look.

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