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发行商: Arwer Software
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EasyGIF can easily organize various design elements, easily design animated scenes, preview in real time, WYSIWYG, quickly generate animated GIF files, and efficiently optimize GIF file size.

Main function introduction:
1. The way to create GIF animations is varied, convenient and fast.
(1) Multiple static images generate an animated GIF.
(2) The video is converted into an animated GIF.
(3) The original animated GIF generates a new animated GIF. Import the original animated GIF and modify it to generate a new animated GIF.
(4) Blank animation. Start with a blank frame and do what you want to do.

Note: The completed animation, in addition to generating GIF, can now generate all frames or some frames as video files (mov/mp4/m4v) or image files (PNG/JPG/JPG2000/BMP/TIFF).

2. Visually design animation scenes, preview animation effects in real time, WYSIWYG.
Feel free to adjust the canvas size, number of loops, delay time per frame, play animation, jump frames, select frames, delete frames, copy and paste frames, and more.

3. The organization of design elements is convenient and fast.
(1) The frame list is clear at a glance, and the delay time of each frame can be modified. The frame order adjustment is simple and fast. It is fast and convenient to copy multiple image files in the Finder and paste them into the frame list to generate new frames.
(2) A variety of object elements can be used, including: background layer, text, image, tile text, tile image, QR code, etc. (new version will bring more objects). Each object can easily set its properties, such as: color, background color, rotation angle, stacking order, and so on.
(3) Open the picture, select the cropping range, copy, and then paste it into the frame list to become a new frame, or paste it into the object list to become a new picture object.

4. The project file function, you can save the current editing environment (including all frames, objects and output parameters, etc.) as a project file, so that you can continue working after the project is opened next time.

5. Frame synchronization is extremely efficient in batch operations of multiple frames or multiple objects. For example, to set the position, size, and style of a text object in hundreds of frames to be consistent, just click the "OK" button to complete it.

6. Using the optimization settings of the software, can easily reduce the size of the generated GIF file, to achieve a 50% or less reduction effect.

7. The software supports macOS light color and dark appearance mode, switch freely, the interface is perfectly adapted.

8. The software supports multiple languages.

The software is free to use, and we also offer a more professional version of the advanced features, you can get a professional version through the subscription within the software.

Automatic renewal professional version:
-- Professional edition benefits: (1) All professional features. (2) New professional features or advanced features in the new version.
-- Subscription period: 1 month (professional version of continuous monthly product), 6 months (professional version of continuous packaging for half a year), 12 months (professional version of continuous annual product).
-- Subscription price: subject to IAP application information, such as $2.49 per month for consecutive monthly subscriptions and $13.49 per year for consecutive annual subscriptions.
-- Payment: The user confirms the purchase and payment and then credits it to the iTunes account.
-- Cancel Renewal: To cancel renewal, manually turn off auto-renew in iTunes/Apple ID Settings Management 24 hours before the current subscription period expires.
-- Renewal: Apple's iTunes account will be charged within 24 hours before expiration. After the deduction is successful, the subscription period will be postponed for one subscription period.
-- Privacy Policy:
-- Service Agreement:


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