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Easy Invoice (PDF generator)

发行商: Marla International Limited
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Download the app and enjoy a 14-day free trial. Then you have 60 transactions, so you can try us out before purchasing a subscription. If you don’t want to purchase a subscription after the 14-days or 60 transactions, you won’t be charged anything.

Our low-cost subscription allows:

• As many businesses as you need
• Unlimited transactions
• No limits to the volume of customers, products, or services
• As many users as you require, on their iPhones, iPads, or MACs
• Powerful business analysis reports to help manage your small business
• No extra or hidden charges

Easy Setup

Entering information into the app is quick and easy. You can define products and services with associated cost and standard selling price, with volume discounts if appropriate.

Save time by using your Apple Contacts file to load customer and supplier information.

Simple customization process lets all your invoices, estimates, receipts, credit notes, refunds and statements consistently incorporate your businesses look and feel.

Invoices can be set up as tax inclusive or separated.

More than one business? No problem! Just create as many businesses as you like, there’s no extra cost. You can set each one up with its own logo, address, payment terms and email details.

To get up and running quickly we’ve added your first customer. You can use this to send yourself a test invoice to see how it looks.

Business Reports

Compare this month’s sales with last month, or this month last year.

Keep track of your best and worst selling products

Customers' Aged Debt. This shows a complete list of the amounts owed to you, broken down by the age of each debt. Chase late payers by sending them a Statement showing all transactions or just those that are owed.

Best customer report. Keep track of which customer(s) make you the most money

Save effort at tax time by sending your accountant an All-Transactions Report.

All reports can be exported from the app in either, CSV or ZIP format, or you can print to pdf. Reports can then be imported into other applications such as Excel or Numbers.


Lock Easy Invoice using an optional four-digit pass-code. This is useful if you want to lend your phone or iPad to someone, but you don’t want them to use Easy Invoice.

Backup and Restore

All data are backed up using our proprietary Sync process. This ensures that all devices you use are synchronized with each other, and the data is backed up.

However, should you want to take your own backup, simply tap the backup option, and send the data file to yourself in an email, or save it to your Mac or to another service such as Dropbox. To restore it, just tap the attachment to open in Easy Invoice.

You can sync between iOS or Mac devices running Easy Invoice or Easy Books, our double entry bookkeeping application.

Easy Invoice supports Dark Mode

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